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Apr 07 2021

 In our country, the state policy of young people, who are the main driving force of our society and the possessors of a bright future, is being successfully implemented. This is evidenced by the adoption of the "Turkmenistan - the Motherland of Peace and Confidence" in the first days of the year, the "State Program for Youth Policy in Turkmenistan for 2021 - 2025" and the relevant Plan for its implementation. These documents show that the concern for the younger generation in our country is in the focus of the state, that it is growing and strengthening. As noted in the report of the Governor of the Central Bank, within the framework of the implementation of the tasks set by the Head of State, work has been done to maintain, digitize and regulate the monetary system, the consistent and harmonious development of our national economy. Expressing grave dissatisfaction with the functioning of the banking system, the President gave a number of specific instructions to implement comprehensive measures to support investment activity. He is also the director of the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan, the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenbashi, the State Commercial Bank of Dayhanbank, the management of Halkbank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank, the State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs, the State Development Bank, the joint-stock commercial bank Senagat. The chairmen of the Board of Directors of Rysgal Joint-Stock Commercial Bank reported on the results of the work carried out during the last year in the structures under their chairmanship and the directions of performance of the tasks set for this year. After listening to the reports, the Turkmen leader said that in recent years the issues of proper functioning of the bank had been ignored and he had given specific instructions in this regard. During the workshop, the rectors of the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management, the Turkmen State Institute of Finance reported on the work being done in higher education institutions. The President noted that the main goal of these universities was to train specialists capable of effectively addressing the key tasks of implementing the radical reforms in the national economy, giving instructions to the rectors. The Deputy Prime Minister, who is in charge of the economy and finance, reported on the results of the work done last year, the implementation of the development of investment funds at the expense of the State budget and all sources of funding. Expressing dissatisfaction with the work carried out in the structures under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister, the President emphasized the need to take necessary measures to ensure economic stability, development, regular monitoring of the use of funds by the national economy in view of the state of the world economy. Concluding the meeting on the work of the economy and the banking system, the Turkmen leader emphasized that in order to improve the functioning of the complex, everyone should work harder in the 30th anniversary of our independence. As the Turkmen leader emphasized, we should make full use of the opportunities available in the complex today and organize the work in accordance with the requirements of the times. On the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology, digital systems should be widely implemented, and the most advanced methods of the world should be used. In this regard, the President gave instructions to the participants. Concluding the working meeting, the Turkmen leader wished the participants good health, family well-being and every success in their work for the prosperity of our stable Motherland. As is known, the adopted new documents will help to continue to educate the happy generation of the stable Turkmen society in the national spirit on the basis of the principles of our ancestors. It is of great importance for the future destiny of the Turkmen youth, as well as guaranteeing the legal guarantees for the development of knowledgeable and broad-minded, able-bodied, healthy-bodied, high-spirited youth. The program was developed in accordance with the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Law of Turkmenistan "On State Policy on Youth", "On Education" and "On Physical Culture and Sports" and other regulatory legal acts. This shows that the legal framework of the document is strong and that concrete steps have been laid in the activities planned to be carried out in its implementation. This Program helps to further strengthen the role of youth in international relations. This has an impact on the attainment of literacy of the Turkmen youth in all respects, improvement of their scientific creativity and deepening of their positive political views.In this regard, it is of particular importance in promoting the further socio-economic development of our Motherland and in achieving the important goals of the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030. The program defines important tasks aimed at providing young people with high-quality living conditions, working and cultivating them as fully developed individuals. The work carried out in accordance with the relevant plan adopted for their implementation is carried out with the active participation of young people in all sectors and systems of the country. This is to say, "Remember that you are making a worthy contribution to the day-to-day development of our Sovereign Motherland by sincerely fulfilling the tasks assigned to you!" Fully proves that our esteemed President is making a number of efforts on the Turkmen youth and is making great strides. Meylis Orazov, lecturer at the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan.