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Students of Marine Secondary professional School sent to experiments.

The phrase "Where there is a sea, there is trade and commerce" has been popular among the peoples of the world for millennia. The Turkmenbashi International Seaport is located at the crossroads from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe shipping routes and is one of the most convenient logistics centers in the region as it is the "Sea Gate" of Central Asia.

Under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, measures are being taken to implement the projects aimed at accelerating the growth of the economy of our country, including increasing the volume of cargo for export and import, as well as increasing competition in various sectors.

The Marine Secondary professional School trains specialists who will work in various areas of the maritime system in the future. At the Marine Secondary Professional school Navigation, Shipbuilding, Operation of ship power plants, Economics and planning, Accounting and auditing, Operational activities in logistics, Hotel service, Environmental management of territories, Automation of technological processes and production, Technology products catering, Power supply Technology training in data protection technology and its organization specialties are being conducted.

Usually, students are sent to specially designed internships each summer. The second-year students of the university have their internships at Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, Balkan Shipbuilding and Repair Plant and the Navy, as well as various other institutions. These experiences are of great importance to students in strengthening their theoretical knowledge in practice. The internships of first-year students at the university are held on the basis of special plans. The organization of such training will lead to the development of specialists in the future who will be able to break free from new technologies and innovative equipment.

Thanks to Our Esteemed President, there is a continuous development of comprehensive educational institutions aimed at nurturing patriotic, physically and mentally healthy young people with broad vision, able to take advantage of modern technologies.

May the life of Our Esteemed President, who has high hopes for the youth of our future, be prosperous, upright, and prosperous for the good of the nation!

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Jun 03 2022

As is customary in our country, on June 1st, Turkmenistan, together with the world community, celebrates the International Day for the Protection of Children. Children, the universal concern for their well-being and harmonious development is a priority of the state policy of our Independent, Eternally Neutral Motherland. This policy reflects the ancient humanitarian principles and prudent spiritual and moral values ​​of our people. Homemade children are considered to be the glory of our happy life, the foundation of the family foundation. In our Motherland, the land of all good wishes and aspirations, under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President, the flowers of our lives, the children of the future of our Motherland are wide-ranging activities for the development of scientists, educators, educators, patriots and perfect personalities. Child care is one of the most important areas of public policy. According to the wise men, where there is happiness and peace, the joyful voices and laughter of children are heard louder. Baby sounds, baby laughs are different from all sounds. The book "The Principle of Turkmen Statehood" by Our Esteemed Arkadag states that it is obligatory to reveal seven things in Turkmen culture. One of those emerging life moments is the newborn baby. Everything has its glory. The beauty of the house is the baby. It is also up to the child to strengthen the family foundation. A child illuminates a person's heart, life, and life. The unique, interesting, joyful world of children fills our hearts with joy and light. National Strategy for Early Childhood Development in Turkmenistan for 2020-2025 in order to develop cooperation with international organizations in the field of maternal and child health in our country, as well as to improve the work carried out in this area. the width was confirmed. In order to improve the work of children's institutions, the "Program for Improving the Early Childhood Development and Preparation of Children in Turkmenistan in 2020-2025" was adopted. This clearly shows that all the successful reforms in our Motherland Turkmenistan are aimed at the future of the younger generation. Turkmenistan also maintains regular and wide-ranging contacts with the United Nations Children's Fund in this regard, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of children. The United Nations Children's Fund in Turkmenistan carries out a number of activities related to children's health, well-being and protection of their rights.