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Jan 16 2023
Great trust in young people.

Faith transforms a person. The love of human relationships. Arkadag Serdarly happy youth year is a time of great faith in young people. It is appropriate that the slogan of 2023 is called "Arkadag Serdarly Happy Youth Year " based on the proposal of the people. There is also a great meaning in the fact that young people are looked upon with pride. With the initiative of our Gahryman Arkadag and the continuation of our Arkadagly Serdar, under the fair and reasonable leadership of our independent and eternal neutral state, we are making great progress in all spheres of life - political, economic, science, education, culture, healthcare and other sectors of the national economy and walks in steps. Today, our Turkmen people are living in the Renaissance of the new epoch of the Berkarar state founded by our Hero Arkadag. Our esteemed President concerns about the people not only today, but also for their bright future. Today, under the leadership of the Honorable President, the Turkmen people are celebrating, rejoicing, and celebrating every day. Today, our Turkmen country, which is firmly established around our Hero Arkadag, Arkadagly Serdar, is building its own bright tomorrow and bright future. We see this more clearly in the modern reforms of our happy life, in the great work being done. Youth jobs are on the rise in our state. It is heartwarming to see the actions implemented by the wise initiatives of the honorable President and the noble lives of our citizens. It is a good thing to live in the era of important political events, social-economic and cultural reforms under the wise leadership of the Honorable President, and to contribute to the development of the country with honest work. Youth is our happy future and tomorrow. Accordingly, there is great concern about youth in our country. In accordance with the planned version of the law of Turkmenistan "On State Policy on Youth", all opportunities are created for the upbringing of young generations in the spirit of patriotism, hard work and morality. Loving the country and serving the country is a noble principle of our people.

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Jan 06 2023
A propaganda meeting was held among the students of the Marine Secondary Professional School in Turkmebashi on the occasion of naming the year 2023 as «Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar».

Our esteemed President is carrying out great works that look at the bright future of our young generation. In this, the activities carried out for the purpose of young people receiving modern education and training, and growing into healthy, spirited people, have a special place. The fact that this year is called «Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar» is a great confidence expressed to all our youth. This pride is even higher in the hearts of the youth. Our youth are our bright future and contribute to our great progress today. Therefore, this year, young people will be more motivated to study science, they will succeed in creative ways. Taking care of young people, their scientific education is one of the main directions of the country's policy. This direction ensures that the younger generations become well-rounded individuals with a view to our present and bright future. The President Serdar Berdimuhamedov says: "The concern for the young generation at the state level is bearing fruit. Young people are being formed who are loyal to our country, our people, the great principles of our ancestors, our national traditions, and are eager to learn, learn a profession, and work hard. In recent years, the number of our students and schoolchildren who have won prizes in international academic competitions and sports competitions is increasing. As can be seen from these wise words, young people succeed with enthusiasm, show their skills in science and education, and in sports. This clearly shows their perfection and the positive results of the policy in the country. Today, all the conditions and wide opportunities are created for our happy young people to have a broad worldview and to be scientifically-educated. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the President, educational reforms are being successfully carried out. In this regard, the "Concept of developing the digital education system in Turkmenistan" is being successfully implemented. It defines the purpose, functions and main directions of the development of the digital education system in the country. The main goal of the concept is to provide all stages of education with high-quality electronic educational information in accordance with the innovative development of the country, to enrich the content of education provided in educational institutions, to improve its quality, and to improve the teaching methodology, using digital resources widely. As a condition for the stable development of the country, the physically healthy and spiritually perfect development of the young generation, active and goal-oriented work is carried out continuously to improve the education system in accordance with the requirements of the times.