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The role and role of science and innovative technologies in the training of high-level specialists

Thanks to the state initiatives of Our Esteemed President, modern factories, factories and enterprises have been built in our country on a regular basis, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and modern innovative technologies for the production of products that meet international standards.

The measures taken for technological development and modernization in each sector of the economy of Turkmenistan are only the beginning of the changes that are expected to take place in a few years on a systematic and programmatic basis with clear indicators in our country. Any information needed in the implementation of the state's economic development on the basis of the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and technology in every enterprise in all sectors of the country, in the workplace of automated workstations in the automated workstation of the computer specialists in the workplace of the specialists of the enterprise for the processing of information. great efforts are being made in finding ways and training highly skilled professionals.

tThe introduction of new information and communication technologies has resulted in the digitization of the state institutions of the Motherland as an important part of the economic development of the developed countries, as a result of which the sustainable development of production, competitiveness and livelihoods have become increasingly important. will be important in furthering the work being done to train highly qualified specialists who are well versed in the modern sciences in demand in the labor market.

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Jun 07 2024
The education system is developing and changing

Under the wise leadership of our friendly Hero Serdar, modern and positive reforms are being carried out in all areas during the Revival of the new era of the Stable State. In developed countries, ways to improve the efficiency of general education are being sought, and a lot of work is being done to develop advanced technologies and introduce them into the education system. The technological support of modern education should correspond to the level of advanced science. In recent years, educational centers built in the country have been provided with computers and Internet connection. Schools, kindergartens, higher and secondary vocational schools equipped with the latest equipment are operating in our capital, regional and district centers. The provision of educational centers with interactive multimedia technologies has led to a radical improvement in the quality of education. Multimedia technologies allow the presentation of information in various forms, ensuring the effectiveness of the lesson. The service of multimedia technologies in the lessons is great for students to thoroughly master the topics, to expand their horizons, to develop their expression skills, to learn to work creatively and independently, and to improve the quality of education. When the lessons are organized with multimedia technologies, it can be seen that young people have a deep understanding of the topic, their memory and attention are activated, and their creative skills develop. It also increases the creativity of educational workers and helps to save their time.