75 D.Azady Street, Turkmenbashi
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our Independence

In accordance with the decrees signed by our esteemed President on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of our country, in the process of strengthening the independence of our country, developing our national traditions, strengthening the unity and solidarity of our dear people, actively participating in the public life of the country, raising the younger generation, educating young people in the spirit of respect for national values, historical heritage, ancient traditions and customs of the Turkmen people, cultivating great qualities in patriotic, hardworking, courageous and courageous qualities of Turkmenistan, the Order of "Zenan Kalby" received those who rendered special services to the independent state, and our dear the people, who have worked honestly and exemplarily for many years, were awarded the jubilee medal and state awards "For the 30th anniversary". Independence of Turkmenistan ". By the order of the President, a large group of our citizens were declared the winners of the competition of the President of Turkmenistan "The Golden Age of Turkmenistan" and won prizes.

A ceremony of presenting state awards and prizes to citizens was held in the regional government. Governor of the region T. Atahalliev addressed the audience and congratulated the participants on the glorious 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence Day and tsarist gifts, and also spoke about the great achievements of our independent state under the wise leadership of our national leader. At the solemn ceremony, the laureates of state awards expressed their sincere gratitude to our dear Arkadag, who made great efforts to live in the statehood of our people, and wished them happiness. long and prosperous life.

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