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Ray of happiness

The most valuable human wealth in the world is health. In our country, where human health is paramount, the state program "Health" is being successfully implemented under the wise leadership of our Hero Arkadag.

Peace, prosperity and creative work of our citizens ensure the prosperity of our country. Currently, a lot of work is being done to protect human health. The complex work carried out in the field of human health protection, achievements, high achievements and set tasks in this area further enhances the prestige of our country in the international arena.

Activities aimed at developing mass physical education and sports in Turkmenistan, strengthening the health of the nation, educating energetic, strong and energetic youth during the period of prosperity of our sovereign state in Turkmenistan. In our country, under the wise leadership of our Hero Arkadag, a large-scale and well-meaning, scientifically grounded large-scale work is being carried out in our country for the healthy and spiritually healthy development of the younger generation, modern education and upbringing. According to the Turkmen leader, special attention is paid to the development of physical culture and sports in the country, as well as improving the health care system. The complex work that is carried out to ensure the sustainable development of these systems is always closely monitored.

The key to good health is cleanliness, regular nutrition, regular exercise and exercise. In this respect, the work done during the period of prosperity of our Sovereign State contributes to progress. There are sports complexes in our country that meet international standards. The construction of special sports grounds near residential complexes under construction and commissioned in all parts of the country once again demonstrates the commitment of our people to a healthy lifestyle in our homeland, which has literally become a sports country. Of course, physical culture and sports, along with strengthening the health of the population, have a great impact on physical development, health, activity, and the development of a person as a person. The habit of physical education primarily contributes to the formation of good qualities in a person. This leads to a person's physical and mental health. Therefore, our country is flourishing in every way.

Sports facilities under construction and commissioned for any kind of sport are inextricably linked with the care of the national leader for the health of our people and are the wonderful fruits of those fundamental reforms that are being carried out in our beloved homeland. In particular, this is a clear sign that our esteemed President has always cared about the health of the people. We are all obliged to follow the example of our hero Arkadag and engage in physical education and sports, make a worthy contribution to the establishment of a healthy life in our society. Human health is the radiance of our happy life, our bright future, the wealth of our country.

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