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The role of fertilizer chemistry in the intelligent specialization of the country's agricultural development.

1. Bulk chemical industry.

More than 70 elements are found in plants, most of which are found in very small amounts. However, elements such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, and calcium are also abundant and essential for life. Plants can obtain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) from the air and soil. However, these three elements (NPK) are supplied externally to the plants for good yield. Fertilizers are used to enrich the soil with NPK.

Organic fertilizers. In them, nutrients are stored in substances of animal and plant origin. First of all, these fertilizers include manure, as well as various products of the processing of substances of animal and plant origin (peat, fish meal, feces, urban waste and various food wastes).

Bacterial fertilizers - retain microorganisms that facilitate the accumulation of nutrients in the soil.

2. Mineral fertilizers - products of inorganic origin, prepared by the industrial-factory method: chemical or mechanical processing of inorganic raw materials (for example, extraction of minerals - phosphorites, potassium salts, dolomites, etc., etc.). .). Mineral fertilizers obtained by chemical processing of raw materials differ in the concentration of active substances. Mineral fertilizers are divided into the following groups according to their active ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients (boron, molybdenum, etc.).

Along with the increasing demand for fertilizers, the production of NPK and NPK compounds has also increased. Many mineral fertilizers (for example: KCl, NaNO3, NH4NO3, etc.) contain only one nutrient. Such fertilizers are considered simple. Mineral fertilizers with two or three primary nutrients (NPK) in their composition are more complex. They belong to complex fertilizers.Air (raw material for nitrogen), phosphate rock (raw material for phosphorus) and sylvinite (raw material for potassium) are used as the main raw materials for fertilizer production.Fertilizers are divided into simple and complex fertilizers according to the nutrients stored in the system. Simple fertilizers include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Simple nitrogen fertilizers include ammonium nitrate NH4NO3, urea (NH2)2CO and others. Simple superphosphate Ca(H2PO4)2•2CaSO4, double superphosphate Ca(H2PO4)2 and others are simple phosphorus fertilizers. Simple potassium fertilizers include potassium sulfate K2SO4 and others.

Teacher: Guradova Ogulnyaz

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Apr 08 2024

The phrase "don't work for money, let money work for you" is often repeated by entrepreneurs and financiers. How to manage the money? The essence of this question is whether money can bring money. Investing is the use of available funds for the purpose of making a profit. Investments are important in opening new businesses, bringing new innovative products to the market, and even improving the economic situation of entire countries. Let's try to better understand the role of investment in the economy! As we mentioned, the main goal of investing is to get a profit or some other useful result over time. From this point of view, any action aimed at making a profit can be called an investment. For example, when choosing a profession, a person chooses it with the expectation of good future income and satisfaction. In the future, the demand for the profession he learned may increase or decrease. A person invests his main resource here - his time. But in the world of finance, investing means putting any property or funds into a business or other type of business with the goal of generating future income. There are many types and methods of investing. One of them is the direct purchase of an asset that can bring benefits in the future. This type of capital refers to the acquisition of income-generating assets such as real estate, technology, ready-made businesses, copyrights, patents, knowledge, and know-how. Financial investments include investments by investors in the securities and loans of enterprises. Every day, thousands of new businesses are opening around the world, and existing businesses are trying to expand their production and increase their profits. It is clear that businesses need funds to establish or expand their business. Thus, in case of lack of funds, the company can borrow the necessary funds or sell a certain part of its company, that is, its shares, to parties with funds. In the future, the income from these stocks will increase and bring great benefits to the investor. This mechanism frees parties in need of funds from the risk of becoming indebted, and allows parties with funds to benefit. It is a strong and clear fact that borrowed funds must be repaid. It goes without saying that there is a risk of being in debt if the business fails. When making an investment, the investor accepts and calculates all the risks, believes that the investment will be paid in the future, and gives his funds. The difference between a loan and an equity investment is as follows. Before investing, special attention is paid to two indicators: risk and expected profitability. Capital projects with a low level of risk have low returns. Conversely, projects with high expected returns are often risky. The riskiest investments are called venture investments. These include investments in startups trying to bring a new product to market. Investment beginners are advised to diversify their investments. That is, all resources should be directed not to one place, but to different places. In this way, some investments make a profit and some lose, creating a balance and reducing the risk of loss. Professional investors calculate the risks, analyze the market conditions, perform due diligence and invest. Today there are businesses that specialize in these services. Angel owners entrust their funds to them for more efficient investment. These companies keep a certain percentage of the profit. The largest of these are American companies such as "The Vanguard Group", "BlackRock, Inc.", and "State Street Corporation", which form the "big three" of the largest investment companies. When it comes to investments, it is worth noting the world-famous investors, that is, investors. Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and James Simons are among the greatest investors, and their books on investing are among the best-selling and most-read works. In addition, these books are more suitable for both those interested in entering the capital markets of the world and the investor. Investments are divided into 3 groups according to the origin of deposits: private, state and foreign investments. Private investment refers to investments made by citizens of the country. Investments made from the funds of the state budget are called state investments. Governments often focus their investments on social and economic sectors, on the development of priorities in the state.

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Mar 25 2024
The perfect development of the digital economy

During the Revival of the new age of a stable state, in the year of Arkadag Serdarly Happy Youth, with the constant efforts of the President, the education system of the country is developed in an integrated manner, based on the national values ​​and noble principles of our people formed over the centuries, in accordance with modern world standards. The professional level of professors is being improved, and modern, more effective teaching methods are being implemented. At the same time, the cooperation of educational institutions with different countries of the world and major scientific and educational centers is being intensified. President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov paid an official visit to Bahrain on February 21, 2023. This visit is President Serdar Berdimuhamedov's first visit to a friendly country located in Southwest Asia as the highest state official. According to the program of the visit, the bilateral meeting of the President of Turkmenistan and the King of Bahrain, as well as extended negotiations, bilateral documents signed as a result of the high-level meetings are aimed at strengthening the contractual and legal basis of Turkmen-Bahrain cooperation. Diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and the Kingdom of Bahrain were established in December 1995. The official visit of former President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2011 and the state visit of the King of Bahrain to Turkmenistan in 2019 were important events in the history of bilateral relations. Turkmenistan, which prioritizes the development of effective cooperation with the countries of the Arab world in its foreign policy strategy, aims to further strengthen mutually advantageous relations with the Kingdom of Bahrain in the political-diplomatic, trade-economic, cultural-humanitarian fields.