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Kurban Bayram of Purity of Heart

Sacrifice symbolizes the unity, solidarity, free, free life, and high respect for human beings. Kurban Bayram also strengthens people's feelings of affection and brotherhood in their hearts.

It is obligatory to offer sacrifices and recite verses on the Kurban Bayram. Sacrifice begins on the first day of the Kurban Bayram after the Kurban prayer and lasts until the evening of the third day. The animals to be slaughtered in the sacrifice must also be healthy, fat, and dry. As a rule, the meat of the sacrificial animal must be divided into three equal parts. One of these parts must be distributed to the family of the sacrificer, one to his relatives, and the other to those who have not been able to offer sacrifices.

Legend has it that the ritual of sacrifice in Islamic sources has been practiced since the time of Adam. Kurban Bayram is considered to be the day when God blesses human beings.

The word "Kurban" literally means "to draw near, to draw near." Our forefathers used to say that the wishes made on the Kurban Bayram, the pure intentions of the heart, come true. On the eve of the feast, the angry people reconciled. One of the obligatory tasks to be performed on the morning of the Kurban Bayram is to obtain a "Kurban Shor." It is the duty of every Muslim ummah to fulfill this obligation, no matter what season of the year it is.

At this holiday, you are dressed in new clothes and cared for yourself and your home. In ancient times, it was not uncommon for a family member to wear one or two pieces of clothing, such as a bag, a needle, a flower, a hat, a scarf, and to wear a new one.

Despite the changing times and new developments in our lives, the long-standing traditions of our people for the benefit of society are not forgotten. In our happy times, a variety of blessings, such as a layer of cereal flour, buttermilk, bacon, buttermilk, baking powder, buttermilk, and butter, are opened to the wedding party. They are adorned with national dishes such as pilaf, dograma, cereals, grits, and fries.

National holidays are also important in child rearing. National values such as diligence, unanimity, loyalty, humanity, chastity are of great value. Our forefathers, who exhorted the great and the great to respect the small and the small, strengthened the foundations of the national principles of our people.

Happy Kurban Bayram, may your prayers be accepted, dear compatriots, in our country, where weddings come in pairs!

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Sep 24 2022
Independence is our happiness

During the period of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state on our beautiful land, under the leadership of our Arkadagly Serdar, great work is being done to improve a prosperous, happy life and even a better future for our people. Each of the widely and solemnly celebrated holidays reveals the achieved achievements and high standards, brings the happiness of our people and the development of the Motherland to the world. One of these holidays is the Independence Day of Turkmenistan. Independence Day is the main holiday of our country, which is annually celebrated with great celebrations and large-scale events. Because the current level of our country, those high standards for which our people worked hard, are primarily related to our Independence, based on it. That is why we proudly say “Independence is our happiness” and celebrate Independence Day. We consider it great and sacred, because the development of the country and the happiness of our people are primarily associated with our Independence. As you know, during the years of our sacred Independence, the domestic and foreign policies of the state have been successfully implemented, a lot of work has been done on the socio-economic development of the country, raising the international prestige of the Fatherland, great achievements have been made, and high standards have been achieved. An example of this is the newly created villages and cities, being built and put into operation, cultural and household, industrial, including educational institutions related to various sectors of the national economy. In the last years of our Sacred Independence, the foreign policy of the state was successfully carried out. Being a full member of the United Nations, Neutral Turkmenistan develops relations of mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring countries and countries of the world. With the constant strengthening of our relations based on friendship, mutual trust and good relations, the international authority of the Motherland of Turkmenistan is growing. The country's initiatives at the regional and global level are widely supported and are of great importance in achieving inclusive development. Today, Independent Turkmenistan, under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, is confidently moving forward, focusing on development. National and sectoral programs and major projects aimed at the socio-economic development of the country are being successfully implemented. Great importance is attached to the improvement of the systems of science and education, which are the driving force of our development. The objects of cultural, social and industrial purposes put into operation by the President in the year of the “Era of the people with Arkadag” are a vivid confirmation of this.