75 D.Azady Street, Turkmenbashi
Creative meeting.

The goal of the fundamental reforms carried out in my homeland is to further modernize the country, preserve the well-being of the country and ensure the spiritual improvement of the people. When we look at the pages of history, we clearly see that our ancestors created developed cultures, made a great contribution to the development of world culture and knew how to live creatively. Our current generation, on the other hand, develops it further and forms the perfect culture of the Prosperous period of our Sovereign State.

As a result of the policy of foresight of our National Leader, the international organization of cooperation in the field of youth policy develops spiritual and moral values ​​and a healthy lifestyle among young people, fosters love for our national traditions, educates the young generation in the spirit of patriotism and humanity.

In our sunny country that is moving forward, our National Leader in this field encourages young people to scientific and creative work, increasing their knowledge in their chosen professions, supporting young entrepreneurs, pursuing physical education and sports, socially supporting youth. It inspires young people and at the same time instills in them a great sense of responsibility.

The other day at the Marine Secondary School, a creative meeting was held with students interested in poetry, who were invited to visit the famous poet of the Balkan velayat Mammetgurban Geldigurbanov.

He presented his book "Unshakable Turns", "Homeland, which I cherished in my heart" and "Conversation of the Fathers", published during his creative career. In his speech, the poet spoke about famous personalities of the Turkmen people, such as Garajaoglan and Gorogly, their places of residence and life. He also talked about famous people, bagshis and musicians who lived in the Etrek area. The pupils were especially impressed by the instructional poems "Boy" and "Girl".

Gurban Odeniyazov is a freshman in the specialty "Navigator", a 1st year student in the specialty "Information Technologies and Organization", Sakhragul Keljaeva, a 1st year student in the specialty "Information Technologies and Organization". interested in poetry. Aina Potyanova, a first-year student of "Technology of public catering products", Ogulshat Babaeva, a first-year student of the Faculty of Energy and Power Supply, and Nurjahan Komekova, a second-year student of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing . In turn, they performed poems glorifying our Motherland, their poems on the theme of love.

The poet listened to young creators and gave good advice from the world of poetry, and also wished the young student great success in the world of creativity.

He expressed his sincere gratitude to our Heroic Arkadag, who stands at the forefront of such good deeds and encourages young people to read, learn and create.

Yalkym Meretgylyjowa.

Teacher of the Naval Secondary School in Turkmenbashi of the Agency "Turkmendenizderyayollary"