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Competition of innovative projects "Digital Solution - 2021"

"Turkmenaragatnaşyk" Agency announces competition for innovative projects "Digital solution - 2021"

In accordance with the Digital Economy Development Concept for 2019-2025 and for the purpose of identifying and stimulating young people engaged in software development and innovation based on modern advances in world science, generating new ideas, and having high potential economies.

The competition is held in the following nominations:

health care

science and education

transport and logistics



service system


The winning projects in each category of the competition will be awarded with valuable prizes and diplomas.

Proposals to register the inventions of the contestants will be accepted electronically at

Information on the procedure and requirements for participation in the competition can be found on the website

The deadline for submission of applications for participation in the competition is October 1, 2021.

The results of the competition will be summarized within the framework of the international exhibition "TurkmenTel - 2021".